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It's finally spring, time to start the garden.

The weather finally feels like spring! The temperature was in the 50s on Saturday and almost 60 on Sunday. It has been cloudy but enough sun to get a slight sunburn on the back of my neck. It was still cool enough on Saturday that I needed a stocking cap but was still able to get a sunburn. Calving season is just wrapping up, the second round of goats is due in a month and the baby chicks are growing fast.

The garden is still pretty wet but it looks like a week of no rain with temps in the 60s and 70s this week so that should dry the garden out the rest of the way so we can get in with the big rototiller and get all the rest of the winter cover crop tilled in and the remnants of last years garden cleaned up.

There is a high spot in one corner of the garden that I was able to take the weed burner too to clean up the thistle that is starting to come up and use the small tiller to work up some of the ground. I planted the onions this year in the area that I planted potatoes last year. I planted red wing, Patterson and Walla Walla this year. I had a few extra plants that didn’t fit neatly into my rows that I planted around some of my fruit trees.

I also put in the first row of peas. I only had two packs of seeds and they didn’t go as far as I would have liked. This weekend I should be able to plant another row of peas, put in the carrots and beets and more than likely get the potatoes in too. I didn’t get a change to start any seedlings inside this year so maybe I’ll stop and the local nursery and pick up some broccoli and cauliflower. These are all cool weather crops that are good to start early in the garden. In my raised beds I’ll seed some spinach too.

Spring is the time to split plants too. I see my bee balm has started to get a little out of control so I plan on digging some of that up and moving it around some of my fruit trees. Bee balm is part of the mint family and it will start to take over if you don’t keep it under control. I split my comfrey plant also and moved it around some of my other fruit trees too. I will keep an eye on the hostas because they are another plant that is easy to split and move to another area of flower beds.

I plan on making more of a “tree guild”/permaculture in my orchard this year. I’m still in the planning stages and adding a few plants that will help draw good bugs to my orchard and repel the bad bugs. I am still in the planning stages but am excited to see how this area can improve.

Spring is the best time in the garden. Everything is pretty much a clean slate and I get some big ideas of what I want to do, but unfortunately I can never get to all those projects that I dream about.

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