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We receive our chickens as day old chicks. They are raised in a brooder house until they are feathered and can tolerate the weather. Then we move them to movable pens and put out on pasture. They receive a grain ration and are moved to fresh pasture daily. Our "guard" ponies keep them safe from predators! The chickens are processed at a state inspected facility and quickly frozen to ensure freshness. There is no added salt water to our chicken like you will find in most conventional chicken.


Our hens are out on pasture all day and come back to their hen house to roost at night. We feed a grain ration that they have access to daily. The hens prefer to hunt in the yard for bugs, seeds, and grass. You will notice the yolks of our pastured eggs are a much deeper orange color than conventional eggs due to their exceptional diet. Our chickens lay brown eggs. Eggs are $3 per dozen. Pricing subject to change.


We have turkeys available for Thanksgiving. Our birds usually range from 18-22 pounds dressed. We kill them the weekend before Thanksgiving so your bird will be fresh for your Thanksgiving meal. We found the best way to prepare our fresh turkey is to wet brine them prior to cooking. The turkey can also be frozen for a later meal. Turkeys are $65 a bird and must be picked up on the day they are butchered. Pricing subject to change.

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